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Map to Floral Park, Berthoudpass
Our 44th Year!

Map to Floral Park, Berthoud Pass, CO

This area is south and east of the pass.

Floral Park Map

Please note that the base lodge has been removed. The lift, USFS access point, medical stations, closure markers, and trail signs do not exist.

11 Intermediate RunPowder Line
12 Intermediate RunBonanza
13 Intermediate RunStage One
14 Intermediate RunBell Trail/Dunn's Run
15 Easist RunCDT East
16 Intermediate RunHoop Creek Gully
17 Black DiamondTelegraph
18 Black DiamondJim's Glades
19 Black DiamondFloral Park
20 Black DiamondFloral Meadow
21 Double Black DiamondPauly's Powder Stash
Floral Park old Gates:
5 Floral Meadows
6 Floral Park
7 Jim's Glades
8 Telegraph
9 Hoop Creek