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Backcountry Equipment List
Our 44th Year!

Backcountry Check List

Notes on gear:

Synthetic or capilene underwear, capilene long underwear, insulating pant layer, (i.e. expedition weight capilene), synthetic or capilene long sleeve top, insulating top layer, (i.e. fleece or down jacket), waterproof/breathable shell jacket and pants, gaitors or super gaitors, glove liners, heavy weight glove liners and shells, baseball cap, fleece or wool cap, sock liners, hiking boots, (i.e. Sorrels), or other sturdy footwear.

Snowshoes/Skis/Board (of course), poles, (adjustable poles are recommended), day pack or fanny pack, plastic garbage bags for refuse, map and guide books, compass, insulated water bottle. Plan your equipment creatively and don't depend blindly on what any checklist indicates. Improvise and experiment so that your equipment will meet the varying conditions you find in your area. Make sure to replace or repair any defective gear. Repairs are always easier done at home or in a shop, as opposed to in the backcountry.

Personal gear:
Sunglasses, headlamp or flashlight, moisturizing lotion, sunscreen, skin protector, handkerchiefs.
Repair kit:
lighter, pocketknife, and duct tape (most important).
Emergency and first aid kit
One per person. Note pad and pencil, space blanket, long burning candles, waterproof matches, mirror, steel wool or other fire starter, whistle.
Easily digestible/ packable food, plenty of water, high energy/carbo bars.

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